OzSphynx Sphynx Kitten Pages

OzSphynx Sphynx Kitten Pages

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OzSphynx Sphynx Kitten Pages
OzSphynx Sphynx Kitten Pages

OzSphynx Sphynx Kitten Pages

Nationally Registered Sphynx (Sphinx) Breeder in Australia

Our first 2010 matings was between Salem of Ragspy (Black Mink) to both Kkeado of OzSphynx (Blue and White) and Tink of OzSphynx (Black Torbie). We can expect a wide variety of colours from these queens. Please contact us to be put on the waiting list for these litters. And keep a regular eye out on our News web page for Sphynx Kitten updates.

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The OzSphynx Kitten Adoption Process - a description of our adoption process, this process is following everytime a Sphynx is offered for sale.

Investing in a Sphynx Kitten - This page explains what you receive when you purchase a Sphynx kitten from OzSphynx.

Sphynx Kitten Development - a description of the development stages of a Sphynx cat.

Introducing your Sphynx Kitten - a how to guide about introducing a new cat to its new home.


For more detailed information about owning a Sphynx we strongly recommend that you purchase "Sphynx - The Australian Experience".

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